Saturday, March 08, 2008

BTW Sunday 3/9

~Family Ties~

By the way...

What is your dad's first name? E

What is your mother's maiden name? Same as the Oklahoma City bomber

Where were you born? Maine, where I lived until I was 5

Are you an only child? Haha, NO! I have 6 living younger siblings, 4 in Heaven

Do you have any cousins? Yes-- 16 of them. 11 boys, 5 girls, ages 21-11 months.

Who is your oldest living relative? I think my great-aunt, she is 80.

Who is your youngest living relative? My cousin Landon, he's 11 months

Do you participate in regular family get-togethers or reunions? Yes, I LOVE them! We had a huge week long family reunion last summer and it was a blast!!

BTW Sunday

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