Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Funny Kidism

One of the little girls at school is named Daley. Daley provides me with daily (haha) fits of laughter-- she is from an artistic family, a very friendly one...but sometimes she is just too much!

Case in point: Yesterday I was leading afternoon circle and reading a book called "Lemon Sisters" to the kiddos. It's a winter tale, a heart pulling one, but cute enough to read to them. Anyway, I was on this page, one of the first in the book...
Ok...a nice enough page. I asked the kids what animal was on the bed with the sleeping person, and a child raises his hand "A dog!"

Daley raises her hand and instantly says, very loudly:
"It's not a dog it is a beaver!"
"A beaver??" I say, confused. "Why do you think it's a beaver?"
"It has a tail!"
"Daley, dogs have tails, you know...?"

I love the child!

And oh crap, now I'm late for work!!! Maybe I will return with yet another Daley-tale!


  1. That cracks me up! I teach middle school, so I never get anything so sweet, innocent, and just plain funny! Just weird stuff.

  2. LOL.. that's so cute!

    Recently I was on the phone with my five year old grandson and I had asked him what he wanted me to buy him for Easter. He told me he wanted some Nintendo game system. I said how about a card and a dollar? He said OOOhhh a DOLLAR!!!

    Kids are so easy. :)

  3. Bethany, a great story! And you are a wonderful teacher! They must all love you! Thanks for stopping by my Irish TT post! Happy St. Pat's Day!


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