Monday, March 17, 2008

I had a good weekend...yay! Saturday I was at a meeting for my mission trip from 10-5. It was long, but okay. Fun to hang out with Mac, Lexi, and Cheese during the breaks and lunch. Mac, Cheese, and I played soccer during lunch so it was good to get exercise. I found a house that I want to rent! It looks empty, is within walking distance of the Grace Heart group's church, and was sold in January apparently. I'm going to look into it never know!

On Sunday Mac came over for a few hours and we just hung out. It's amazing how close you can feel to a friend when you've only met them a short time ago. I love it! We were able to talk about guys, religion, shopping, movies...and nothing felt forced. We made chicken and potatoes for dinner and then went to watch Cheese's soccer game. They gave me crap about not exercising and apparently Cheese thinks/thought that I was a runner and that's how I stay "so thin" LoL...not so much, but thanks!!

~~More in the "interesting ways people find my blog" series~~

~ Eanie Meanie Minie Moe
~ yellow brain
~ Maria Spears/Scarlet Biberstein (people who sing that I know)
~ interneted games (really? who uses words like "interneted"?? Apparently, me)
~ American Idol (woohoo!)
~ Bethany Robbie 100 party joy (seriously no idea!)
~ Bethany squirt
~ Candyce Bethany dye
~ What is Danny Noriega favorite color (definitely not going to find that, since D.N. is GONE from AI!!!!!)
~ Bethany hearts DC (yes, I do!!)

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