Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interneted Out

I can't believe I'm saying this, but after three days of being cooped up in my apartment, online WAY too much during the Columbus blizzard, I think I'm officially Interneted Out... guess I'll be doing lots of reading this week, YAY!

Yesterday it was back to school after having Monday off due to the blizzard. I was glad to be back, but kind of felt "off" all day. I guess it's due to all the reading/napping I was doing over the weekend ;)

Last night I had a fun night with the Grace Heart crew! We had a small group, just 9 people including me. Watching American Idol with an even smaller group was kind of nice, though! Lexi and I had a good talk during a few of the last performances and that was fun!

American Idol thoughts:

Syesha Mercado- I thought she did a pretty good job, although it started out wasn't really memorable to me though, so she can go...

Chikezie- I did not like him sitting on the steps in the beginning, tapping his knee as if he was sitting in a country field during the summer months. I am not a fan of Chikezie, but I thought this was his best performance of AI yet!

Ramiele Malubay- I'm not sure why she did a more depressing song. I love the song, but not for AI. She has a nice voice and definitely agree that it was a "safe" choice. She didn't belt it out at all...

Jason Castro- I would LOVE to see him without the dreds, just to see if he'd look less feminine. This guy has incredible eyes! I do love his voice, good performance-- until the last note.

Carly Smithson- Is that a tattoo of herself on her arm? Not sure what to think about that...I liked Carly a LOT in the beginning, in fact she was one of my favorites. However, I felt like she was screaming a lot in this song and it just didn't sit well with me.

David Cook- LOVE the song he did (Eleanor Rigsby), and I think he did an awesome job-- he will come out with a record deal for sure!

Brooke White- being a former nanny myself, I thought it was really sweet that there was a sign proclaiming "We Love Brooke but we miss our Nanny!!" Aww... the song was a sweet choice for her and I loved that she was playing the piano for it...and barefoot!!

David Hernandez- Though I don't agree with his past, I enjoyed him last week. This week...ehh...

Amanda Overmeyer- how is she still here??

Michael Johns- I really enjoyed his performance last night, but I do think he was playing it safe, for sure. I am positive this guy has an amazing voice and vocals and I just don't think we've seen all he can do.

Kristy Lee Cook- Oh man, did NOT like that she made this one country. WAY too fast, also.

David Archuleta- What happened?!?!!? He forgot the lyrics!!! NOOOO!! I think he's definitely safe but he did not wow me like usual

Bottom 3 for me: Kristy Lee Cook, Amanda Overmeyer, Chikezie
Top 3 for me: Brooke White, Jason Castro, David Cook

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  1. I am in Ohio too, Cleveland! The blizzard was crazy! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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