Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Midweek already??

How can it be Wednesday already?? Last night I treated myself to a Subway grilled chicken sub-- delicious! I also stopped at Starbucks and tried a strawberries n' creme latte. It was alright but I will most likely revert back to my usual Chai latte next time I return. I have $50 left in gift cards for that place, left over from Christmas presents from the kiddos parents. While there, I decided to grab an application...I really do need a 2nd job and I've heard nothing but good things about working there!

Now, I'm not a shopper, by any means. In fact, I avoid it whenever possible. I needed clothes for my mission trips though, so I hit a HUGE Goodwill store last night and hit pay dirt. I tried on literally about 50 items, but ended up buying 9 of them, paying $30 total. YES! I scored a jean skirt (been looking for one FOREVER), jean capris, and a bunch of tops, including one or two for work. The rest of them are t-shirts that I can bring and mess up on the trips, since they were not even $2!!

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  1. Ooo, I should try goodwill. I hate buying clothes too, but maybe if I did not have to spend that much I wouldn't mind!


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