Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 3/06

Poland was a difficult country for me to find 13 favorites of. I was only there for about 2 days and visited Auschwitz and Birkenau-- which was awful and amazing at the same time. The pictures from the concentration camps are in black and white- that is how I printed them out.

Sorry for the lack of words in this post, but I don't feel well and really, concentration camp pictures need no words.


1. My favorite Poland picture, taken extremely early on a freezing December morning in Czestochowa.

2. A railroad in Birkenau.
3. Angry pigeon in the Krakow center. Angry because my friend Jack was teasing him...
4. Castle in Krakow.
5. Glasses in Auschwitz.

6. Crutches in Auschwitz.

7. Shoes in Auschwitz.

8. Black Madonna Church in Czestochowa in the early morning

9. An artist in Czestochowa had a gallery of pictures he'd drawn while at Auschwitz. They were chilling.
10. Another early sunrise in Czestochowa.

11. Frosty December
12. Wadowice, Poland, where the late Pope John Paul II was born.

13. A friend standing thoughtfully in Auschwitz.
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  1. Oh your pictures are hauntingly good

  2. Wow. The pictures are incredible and the way you intersperse the beautiful, color pictures with the disturbing concentration camp pictures... it speaks volumes.

    One day, I'll find the courage to walk through the camps. I think walking out might be the hardest part, knowing so many didn't...

  3. The pictures you posted are beautiful. Or I should say amazing. I hope to see more. Very interesting.

  4. Wonderful and haunting pictures. Thank you for sharing these moments of your trip

    Happy Th13

  5. I visited some of those same spots when I was in college.

  6. You are right. Those pictures of Auschwitz are far more resonant in back and white. It is a good thing that the camp was never demolished, because that way it is easier for the world not to forget what was done there.

  7. I really like the angry pigeon photo. Happy TT.

  8. I didn't do a TT and was coming by to thank you for visiting my blog.. but these pictures stopped me in my tracks.

    The horrors that happened in those places will never be fully understood. I cannot imagine the feelings you must have had just standing there.

  9. Your photos were touching. So sad. Thank you for sharing.

  10. wow! excellent pictures! Happy t13!!



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