Monday, March 17, 2008

Randomness Wk. of 3/16

Would you rather...
1. sky dive or bungee jump? Bungee jump

2. eat a hissing cockroach or eat a slug? ew. slug

3. have lifelong free entry to all theme parks
or lifetime free entry to all movie theaters? hmmm...theme parks!

4. spend one month without books or one month without tv? definitely without tv. I wouldn't survive without my books!

5. have the ability to fly or be able to become invisible? Fly

6. to have a personal shopper for life or a
personal fitness trainer for life? shopper. I don't like to shop

7. be spiderman or be superman? Spiderman

8. be stuck in the 70's or be stuck in the 80's? 70s I think!


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