Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday 9: Out to Lunch 3/22

1. When you go to a restaurant do you tip better if the server is good-looking? No, I don't think so! If I do, I've never realized it ;)

2. Have you ever asked anyone to turn off their cellphone in public because it bothered you? No, but I have been tempted sooo many times. The other day at the mall, there was this teenage girl with her mom in the elevator with us. The girl had a fancy phone and was texting the entire time. Her mom asked "Who are you talking to?", and the girl replied (with a haughty "who are you to bother me" tone) "Lots of people" It just made me so sad...the girl was so rude to her mom and never made eye contact with her or anyone else in the elevator.

3. Is your noon meal called "lunch" or "dinner?" Lunch

4. Do you generally make reservations first? No...that would be very rare.

5. Do you ask for a booth or a table? Booth, if it's available.

6. Do you ask for a doggie bag? If I have too much food, yes!

7. Would you complain to the management if there were children crying nearby? Nope I love kids even when they are loud...they're just a part of my life ;)

8. Have you ever sent food back? Yes, although I can't remember right now what it was or why.But I remember that it was the server who saw it needed to be cooked more or something...

9. Do you find servers singing "Happy Birthday" cute or annoying? Cute, unless I'm the one being sung to and then it's embarrasing!

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