Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Give Me Five Monday 4/28

Five Things I've Been Up To

1. Apartment Hunting- I need to figure out where we're moving by the end of May, hopefully.

2. Family stuff- graduations, plays, etc...fun, but keeps me busy!

3. Working a LOT. One of our teachers' dad is dying so she was out all of last week and will be out all of this week...I'm not sure when/if she's coming back this school year? Their family definitely needs prayers. :( So yes, work...last week I worked 3 extra mornings and 4 days, this week it will be the same.

4. Volleyball- even though I don't really know how to play, I joined a team and play 3 games every Monday night. So far, we've had one FREEZING day, one beautiful day, and one rainy, cold day...haha. I do enjoy it though!!

5. Cleaning the apartment, a few times...deep cleaning, organizing, etc...It feels so good when I'm done!!

Give Me Five Monday

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