Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just So Busy!

The past week has been crazily busy, but I am loving the springtime weather!!

Every single night after work I've had something-- Monday was a volleyball game, Tuesday a cookout with Grace Heart, Wednesday out for ice cream with my friend Lita, Thursday I went to my friend Anna's dad's house for dinner and met her family-- we had salmon, green beans, blueberry was delicious! Anna's dad is an architect and it was wonderful to spend time in the country again, basking in the glow of 70* heat and enjoying the house he and his wife custom built from a barn. A new food I got to try is Mochi-- have you ever had it? It's's a pic-- apparently you can get them at Trader Joe's. You can start eating them with your hands, but then they start to melt REALLY fast and you have to resort to a spoon or fork.

We had the kids outside for hours every day this week, and on Thursday pulled out the sidewalk chalk (for hopscotch) and jump ropes. It was exciting to watch the kids learn how to jump rope...some of them caught on immediately and others took a while.

On Friday afternoon, we had snack (grapes, strawberries, and yogurts) outside...the breeze (wind if you ask my South American-born co-teacher...haha) was blowing and we could hear an ice cream, someone was grilling. Aniya and I enjoyed pretending we were at the beach, at least for a bit. I must say's torture when neighbors by our school are grilling and we have to continue working!!

Once the kiddos were done with snack, we brought out some new footballs and soccer much fun to play with the older Kindergarteners, especially! Rolan and Ayden have strong arms and will make fantastic football players later in life. I was just SO glad to be outside for an extended period of time...we were outside long enough for me to get a tiny burn even! Aniya and I played volleyball a little sans kids and as she put it, what's better than playing sports, watching children, and getting paid for it all? Haha.

From Friday morning until just an hour ago or so though, I've been on the run...but I've gotten a ton done...
  • Friday morning had breakfast with my friend Anastasia-- hadn't seen her since before Christmas so it was wonderful to catch up with her!
  • Worked 11-6
  • Went for a 1.2 mile walk around the lake-- by the time I move, I hope to be running this path
  • Cleaned my car and the outside windows
  • Lost 50c in the dryer when doing laundry
  • Cleaned the bathroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom
  • Vacuumed whole apartment
  • Paid the bills
  • Wrote thank yous for Belize support letters
  • Sent money for a talk I'm going to in May
  • Went to Christian Bookstore to buy a few gifts
  • Went to the library to pick up kids' books for next week
  • Went to 5 pm Mass
I am now looking forward to relaxing until work on Monday morning...YAY for getting everything done on Friday and Saturday!!

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  1. I had something going on every night this week too! And now I am so ... tired. But it's nice to get out and enjoy the weather and see friends.


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