Friday, April 25, 2008

Life's Just Getting Busier...

I was hoping that this week might not be as busy as the last one, but no such luck!

Tuesday was the only day I didn't work 10 hours... after work, I went running around the lake and then went to Cheese's soccer game up north. There was a ton of excitement during the game...on the field next to where he was playing, a player on another team had either a heart attack or seizures and CPR was being done on him. The EMTs came, they got an IV started, and shortly after they wheeled him out. He was terribly pale, but awake and breathing. I can only hope that he's doing well.

On Wednesday I worked 10-6, then packed for the weekend. We have Shae's graduation, Lily's play, grandma's visit, and Amata's 20th birthday...SO crazy that I have today (Friday) off of work.

Thursday was an interesting day...Aniya and I were both SO tired. As she put it, our attention span was about 3 seconds. At least I wasn't trying to do schoolwork like I had a short afternoon circle and then we headed outside for a few hours.

We almost lost our bunny rabbit this past week. Usually Snick explores the room next door to our classroom during the day. One particular day, we came inside about 5:30 and Snick was not back in his cage. Aniya looked EVERYWHERE, then I looked EVERYWHERE and Snick was nowhere to be found. Aniya told me that I could leave, but I decided to look just one more time for Snick. I looked in all the classrooms, bathrooms, closets...and finally found him "locked" in a closet in our multipurpose room, bunny eyes staring up at me. I have no idea how long he'd been in there!

Well, I'm off to have a busy day. I'm going to clean and vacuum my car, hopefully sans rain, then I'm going to take Amata out to eat for her birthday. We have our family birthday dinner @ 5, then Lily's play at's going to be a late night!

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