Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lots rolled into one post

My co-worker Aniya is taking a college class- science of some kind. Earlier this week, she came into school and said "So, guess what I did last night in lab?"


"Um...I set a fire."

"WHAT?!!" I say in disbelief...this is a careful lady, at least at school!

", so we were working with zinc and I mixed a few things, and they have a protective covering on the counter, but it's PAPER! And yep, it caught fire."

I couldn't really reply, I was laughing too hard.

Earlier this week, I was dealing with a child who has been stealing almost every day these past few weeks. We now have a system (approved by her parents) where we take money from her piggy bank for every piece of work she steals. Friday, she stole work from our room, so I went with her to collect the coins. I put them in our teacher closet, and later in the evening Aniya asks me, "So, what are we going to do with our 35 cents?"

I told her I had no idea, so she shot back, "Well, we could go to Happy Hour after work..." LOL

Can you tell we have fun at work?

On Thursday evening, I did my good deed for the week. I was grocery shopping and as I was putting my purchases in the back of my car, I hear "Oh no! I can't believe I just did that!!!"

The woman parked next to me had placed her groceries, purse, and keys in her car and promptly closed the trunk...yep, locked.

So, I let her use my cell phone and then my AAA card. We spent about a 1/2 hour waiting for AAA so we just talked for a while. Her name was Susan, and she is a S.E. teacher-- so we had something in common.

And a few kidisms...

Trisha: I liked that book about blotherflies! (Butterflies)
Being with the kids during lunchtime, I see some interesting food combinations. Lilahbelle likes to put her straw into her cheddar cheese slices, make a million holes...
Jack puts pepperoni in his water.
Ryan used to put grapes in his water bottle, until I explained to him that was a choking hazard...
I was reading a book on apples, so I quizzed the kiddos-- "What else can we make from apples?" I received the regular answers..."Apple juice" "Apple pie" and then Daley said "Orange juice.."
During one of the colder days, Rolan and I both had the same kind of shirts on...according to him, they are "neck turtle shirts"
In February, Aniya drew a birthday cake on the day of my birthday. Eamon asked why there was a birthday cake, and I explained that it signified my upcoming birthday. He asked how old I was going to be, and I told him 23. "23?!?! Wow!!! That's like a....kid!!!"

Thanks, Eamon!! ;)
Luce: You and Mrs. H both have on red shirts today. You must be twins. Are you twins?
Oh, and this post: the answer is that it was a lunch request between Ian and Rolan. They are eating alligator. I can't imagine where Ian suddenly got that idea...?

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  1. Ha ha! I love your kid stories! Kids do say the darndest things.

    What is the child stealing Supplies like pens and paper? Do you deal with that a lot?


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