Saturday, April 12, 2008

My visit to the hospital

A young boy at school recently got hit in the head with a metal baseball bat. The day after the incident happened, I didn't see Eamon all day. I heard rumors that his head hurt and all that, but with never know. In late afternoon, I ran into Eamon's mom in the school kitchen- she works with me. I inquired about Eamon's head and she confirmed that yes, he had been hit with a baseball bat.

A few minutes later, she sent Eamon back to our classroom to tell me the story while I was cleaning some work. He was with me for a good half hour, a fact his mom was amazed about, until I explained to her that he told me EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything. But it was so cute. Here is his story.

Keep in mind, Eamon is very dramatic, so all of this is said with much arm flailing, flinging himself on the floor, etc.

I was playing baseball at Bradenlee's house. B-Lee is my friend. We were playing baseball and I turned around, but B-Lee didn't know I was there. The bat hit my nose and I went "whoa, whoa" (while Eamon flairs the arms) and then "Bam!" (Eamon falls on the ground)

Teresa ran over to me and said "OH MY GOSH!" and then she said a bad word. Yea, she said a bad word and then she told Alex to call 911!

My mom came and the firemen and the ambulance and they put this thing on my finger (demonstrates) for

"Pulse?" I say...

Yes, pulse, says Eamon. And he continues.

So I am on a bed in the ambulance and I got to ride all the way to the hospital in it. They gave me ice toput on my head, and it was so cold that my eye closed!!

When we got to the hospital I was so relaxed. We got to watch SuperNanny, and Deal or No Deal, but then my dad wanted to check the basketball scores so we had to do that for a minute but then got to go back to SuperNanny. I wanted to watch that and my mom said I could.

Then they took me to a room where there was a white thing, and IT LOOKED LIKE A THING FROM STAR WARS!!!! (Eamon is all excited describing this).

And I was really relaxed (I'm thinking his mom was NOT!!!) but the nurse said to me, "Now, Eamon, this is the MOST important part. You have to be REALLY, REALLY still." (He proceeds to lie on the floor for a good 5 minutes, very still!

When they were done taking the picture of my brain from the CAT scan, cause that's all I got, no stitches or anything. When they were done, the doctor said "Wow, Eamon, you did a very, very good job lying still!"

So then we got to go back to my hospital room, the one with the tv's? Yea, we got to go back there, and watch more SuperNanny. Then the doctor came in to say things to my mom and dad, but I wasn't paying attention because I was watching the SuperNanny. The doctor told me I could go home but before that he gave me 2 Spiderman stickers and, oh yea! a lollipop too!

And then when we got home, it was past my bedtime, but my mom gave me a bath anyway. Oh, and they gave me a sticky hand at the hospital too, so I asked my mom if I could put it in the bath because it wasn't really sticky. I thought she would say no but she said yes and you know what?

"What?" I ask.

When I put it in the tub, it got even more sticky!

The End

BTW, Eamon is fine. He had no concussion, just a huge purple bump/bruise on his head. His story was just so animated and cute, though!!!

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  1. That is so cute! I love how he is focused more on watching tv and staying up late than how serious could have been :)


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