Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Plays, Graduations, Freeze Watches...

We attended Lily's play on Friday night. She was playing a fox and did a fantastic job! One of her best friends played the witch, and oh my, can she scream at a high pitch... LOL.

Saturday I drove my grandmother and Rachael up to my sister's graduation- a 4.5 hour drive from my parents' house. We spent Saturday evening in church, then at Bob Evans eating dinner as a family. Rachael and I headed to bed around 12:30, but most of my siblings were up until 3 or so. Yikes.

Sunday was Shae's graduation. She graduated with honors, summa cum laude, etc...very smart gal, but makes me jealous, I will admit. I worked my butt off in college to try and make Dean's List ONCE and never even succeeded at that. Shae made it ALL semesters and was chosen to give a speech at her Baccalaureate service. Her graduation was outside and it was getting chilly but we all survived. After a dinner @ Pizza Hut, we all headed to our various homes and I came back to Big City.

Yesterday it was back to work and my co-worker is still out due to her dad being ill. Aniya and I are splitting up the mornings- she had Monday and today, and I have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I am technically off work on Friday due to Lily's Confirmation, but I'm going to work until noon or so to help out. Anyway, Monday morning Mac and I went to look at Aniya's apartment complex. It was really nice, and I love the fact that it has a washer/dryer hookup. We'll check out a few more apartment complexes before making a decision, though. Aniya joked during work that I was hard to have a conversation with yesterday because she asked which apartments we looked at, and I said I had no idea...then she asked what animal Lily played, and at the time I didn't know that either. Haha.

After work I had a volleyball game, and we were lucky enough to play during the one hour it didn't pour...we lost and then I left my jacket there and had to go back.

Today it's work and then a Grace Heart event...should be fun!

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