Wednesday, April 09, 2008

QOTW 4/6

1. Did you know what time and day you were born? If so, please share. Yep-- 2:15 pm
2. Do you like shoes or barefoot? Barefoot!!!!!!!!! I'm a country gal at heart
3. Painted nails or not? Nope
4. What’s your favorite “finger food”? Crackers and cheese
5. What is your favorite all time tv show? Friends
6. What is on your favorite burger? Meat, American Cheese, lettuce, tomato on a bun
7. What was your least favorite class in school? Science
8. Movies….comedy, action, drama or romantic comedy? Romantic comedy
9. Look to your left now….what do you see? Books, a few cups, a sleeping bag
10. Favorite brand of toothpaste? Aquafresh


  1. Fun! :) Where do you find these?
    I may have to snatch one for my own blog.
    Btw, I STILL love Friends, too!

  2. Hi. I also prefer barefoot in the house.

    My answers will be found here. Please drop by if you have the time. Thanks!

  3. I'm with you barefoot, I'm a Florida girl!


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