Wednesday, April 09, 2008

TT: Going Through My Head

I have so much going on in my head lately...

1. I miss my sister Rachael. She spent two days with me this week and I am sad to have her gone. We had fun!

2. I wish I was a mom. It is my greatest want in life, and so unattainable. =(

3. I also wish i had a significant other... I feel so lonely lately.

4. Summer decisions...should I move in with my parents or stay here in the city?

5. One of my friends from college is coming to town next week for a visit. I cannot wait to see her multiple times throughout her visit and catch up with an old friend.

6. I really, really miss my friends. I feel like the ones I have here are "new" and I just don't know them as well, obviously.

7. I have a summer job offer here in the city, but it's only 25 hours a week, not enough to pay the bills. Guess I won't be accepting.

8. I got a RD magazine in the mail today. I should get my butt off the computer and read it!!

9. If I live with my parents this summer, should I pay them for food? LOL.

10. If I live in the city, I could make $200 more (throughout the whole summer) but I feel like gas to my parents throughout the summer would be at least that...

11. If I live with my parents, I will get to enjoy summer '08, which I would LOVE after last summer. I refuse to have a summer like '07 over again. Completely refuse. I looked for an old blog post to show how utterly sad and unhappy I was last summer, but I was SO depressed at the time that I wasn't even writing.

12. I am doing well with the boldness thing this week @ work! Yay!!!

13. I still keep laughing over the lady @ church last week.

A few kidisms for this evening

Luce:I haven't done anything bad in my entire life! (She is 5...)
Me: REALLY!?!?! (thinking back to allll the times she's been invited to sit in a chair because she's having trouble listening....)
Luce: Nope! I haven't stolen anything from a store, or been in jail, or stolen someone's car....

(Thinking to myself: well....I guess you've not done anything wrong in THAT way!)

Alessandra, running outside after having an accident and getting her pants changed: Miss S, LOOK!!!!! I have new spring pants!!!! (They were pink, orange, red, etc)

Daley, not to be outdone: And these are my spring summer water ocean pants!!!!


Daley was asked to sit on the bench after repeatedly going UP the slide instead of down. After sitting just 1 second:
I "tink" (think) about it!!! Can I get up now????

Thursday Thirteen


  1. I think you should do whatever you feel is right in your heart. If you think you should be with your parents then do it and then yes, you should reimburse them food or whatever they need. Good luck!

  2. Enjoy your summer. If it means moving back home, do it while you can. Happy T13!

  3. I can see where moving home would be so great. I hope you find the right decision for you:)

  4. Don't ever give up on the mommy part. You will never know what God can do. After praying for years, He finally allowed me to adopt a beautiful baby boy! In two days, it will be eight years. He truly is a gift of God!

  5. Can't you find something close to where you'll be living? $200 probably isn't worth the expense of commuting. Happy TT.

  6. Go home and enjoy your parents this summer!

  7. all things in time If you enjoy each other there is nothing better than spending time w// Family while you can

  8. Enjoy life and do what you have to do even if that means moving back home!
    Have a great week!

  9. If you're looking for a man, don't move in with your parents. Get out of the apartment and do things that interest men, like take a karati class.

  10. Sounds like you have some big decisions to make. Good luck.

  11. I agree with Chelle -- hang in there, keep praying, and all your answers will come! Hugs, Happy TT!

  12. It sounds like a state on confusion up there...go get a massage, it will all work itself out:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

  13. I enjoyed your list and I traveled to memory while reading your list. When I was your age and was also working in a city away from home, I get pangs of homesickness. It's different when you go home after working and there's just YOU alone. It did get lonely. I hope things work out for you -and I hope you have the heart to be bold in your decisions in life. I'll keep you in my prayers.


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