Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Weekof "Supposed To"


We were supposed to return from New Orleans on Sunday. We got back Saturday instead.

On Monday, I was supposed to go running in the park. It rained.

Tuesday, I was supposed to go to Grace Heart, play wolleyball, and go to Cheese's soccer game. Instead, I was struck with fatigue due to sun poisoning, and fell asleep before 8 pm. I slept soundly until 7 Wednesday, when

I was supposed to have an interview for a summer job. I arrived at the school to find out the woman who was to interview me was home sick...the interview needs to be rescheduled.

Today was supposed to be my morning to sleep in. Instead, my phone rang at 7:02, waking me. It was my boss, asking me to come in to work early and sub for another teacher.

What else will this week bring?!?!


  1. Jeez. It's been an off week for you! Maybe the next "supposed to" will be a good trade-off... like you were supposed to stay in this weekend but friends called you asking you to go out, etc. ;)

  2. I had a week of suppose to's too....I'm glad it's the weekend


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