Monday, April 07, 2008

What would you do?

Just trying to get some opinions...

Option 1:
Stay in the city where I am now, 2.5 hours from my family
- Our lease is up at the end of roommate will be moving out at that time
- School for me ends June 6
- I would get a job...but don't yet have one or really any leads
- I would have to find a place to live ($$$), plus utilities and rental insurance
- I'd have to live by myself, which I hated last summer, and would be terribly lonely, probably resulting in visiting my family a ton, meaning gas $$$

Option 2:
Live with my parents this summer
- I would get a job (or 2 part time ones?) in the nearby smaller city, so less pay
- But no rent, utilities, etc.
- And being able to spend time with my family since I wouldn't have to travel to see them
- Would end up with about $200 less at the end of the summer than option 1, but when I calculated bills, etc...I did not include food or gas money...

So...what shall I do?


  1. For me, it would be Option 1, but I love to live alone and try new things. Why not try a new city all together?

    Although, living with the rents might be nice.

    Yeah, I wasn't much help.

  2. How does your job factor into this?

    After living both near and away from my family, I'd opt to live closer to them, but not WITH them for more than a few months, while you get your feet on the ground. (some money saved, etc)

    Life nowadays is so demanding financially, I'd cut costs where you can!


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