Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bad Blogger

Bad, bad, bad is the type of blogger I've been lately. I haven't written...haven't commented...and truthfully don't see an end to the madness until mid-June, once graduation and the two week program has come and gone. I am trying not to over-analyze these next four weeks, because I know they're going to be awfully hard. Each day is one day closer to the end of working with Aniya, with my other co-workers, and one day closer to the summer that is bound to be more than interesting. Living with my family...I just don't know how it's going to go!

I have had another "no time to breathe!!" week.... just lots going on, in school and out.

Tuesday evening I went traipsing around Big City, looking for cheap flower seeds that the kiddos could use for their Mother's Day projects. I looked at Home Depot, Meijer, Walmart, The Dollar Tree, Target... Wally World actually had the cheapest at just $0.99. I bought 20 packages, we used 19 for the projects and Aniya took one home.

Wednesday evening I hit the Half Price Bookstore...SO dangerous for me. I made a list of books I want to read, but didn't want to buy...hopefully the library will have a few of them at least. I also picked up a bunch of kids' books- I Spy, The Legend of the Christmas Tree, Classic Bedtime Stories, The Copycat Fish, The Littlest Angel Earns His Halo, Debi Gliori's Bedtime Stories (with a CD!), and three Look at Your Body (Lungs, Blood, Brain) books each for only $1!! I don't own many kids' books but I figured it was a good time to get my personal library built up!

On Thursday I went out for drinks with 4 of my co-workers and a former teacher at my school. I had a hard day at school, wasn't feeling well, and really didn't feel like going out, but it was just what I needed! I was there until 10 pm and left feeling relaxed and ready for another school day.

There have been a few days recently when Aniya had to leave school at lunchtime, and Friday was one of them. She headed to the grocery store, and since I had a few things I needed there as well, she was kind enough to take my grocery list and shop for me-- woohoo, one less trip for me! This seems to be the week of the two of us exchanging money back and forth.

Earlier in the week, Aniya had emailed me regarding a book fair, since I was planning to go on Saturday. During school on Friday, Aniya mentioned that if all the kiddos were gone from school early enough, did I want to go with her? I didn't have anything planned following school, so we left Nadia with our boss and headed to buy a few (haha!!) books. Between the two of us we spent well over $100 but I'm not sure how much I owe her yet...she spent more than I did. The books I picked up:
Pocket Pages: Snakes, Corduroy Lost and Found, Beading for the First Time, Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See, Let's Draw Horses, Wonderplay, Too, The First Thanksgiving, Chicka Chicka 1-2-3, Wind and Weather, I Love You Sleepyhead

Yesterday was spent shopping, at the library, browsing at Barnes & Noble, and eating dinner at an Amish restaurant with my friend Amy. I do not get the opportunity to spend time with Amy very much, since we both work and are gone a lot of weekends, so it was a wonderful day.

I also went to a talk this week-- remember Candace Cameron Bure? She played DJ on Full House...well, I had the opportunity to attend a talk of hers- she is an excellent, excellent speaker, very down to earth woman. I snapped a few quick pictures-

In between all of this, Mac and I did some apartment searching, and I fit in laundry, cleaning my car, and just generally catching up in life... oh, yes and I am working on Aniya's photo book. I so wish I could show you all pictures of the adorable kids I work with. Some of the shots are just precious!


  1. Thanks for commenting on wanting to read my blog! I was hoping those who read would speak up so they can keep reading! I am a bit envious you got to see Candace Cameron. Full House was my favorite show growing up!

  2. The great thing about those busy busy times is that you feel so accomplished when they are all over! You'll get through it :)

  3. WOW! You've been busy. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week!

  4. Wow!! You have been really busy!


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