Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Coming out of the fog...

I feel like I'm behind in life, sleep, blogging, reading...you name it, I'm behind!

Today was our first "normal" school day in over two weeks. Normal in the fact that all 12 of us were at school today, at our respective times, in our own classrooms. Thank Goodness!! Of course, "normal" did include a nosebleed, a fainting child (okay, NOT normal, but happened!), children falling, crying, and of course, learning. ;)

I haven't had a moment to breathe lately. I've subbed 7 of the past 11 work days, and Aniya did the same. We had a teacher who's dad was in the hospital and then died a week ago, so with all of the funeral preparations and family coming into town, she's been out for what seemed like forever for us.

I've also had two Monday volleyball game nights...I played my hardest last night and got some awesome moves in, but am definitely bruised from it all. In addition, I've been to Shae's graduation weekend up north, Lily's play and Confirmation, Rachael's 8th Birthday celebration and 1st Communion, and took Lily, Rachael, and Grandma to get their ears pierced. I got one more while we were there...can't pass up a piercing!

Aniya and I helped the kids at school make Mother's Day gifts, but we've mostly been playing outside with the kids because the weather is cooperating! I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that Aniya won't be back next year, but it's so hard! Stepping up to be the lead in our classroom will be an interesting step in the boldness realm...haha!

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