Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last day...

Today is our last day of school.

I am filled with sadness, excitement, sorrow, hope, longing...and many many other things.

Tonight I have speed dating...hah.

Pray for me today!!!!


  1. Wow, it's gonna be a busy day!

  2. awww. I kind of miss the first and last days. It's those pesky days in between that are the problem.


    So...speed dating? I need to try that one...

  3. Happy last day--think summery thoughts! Bethany, I need some help over at my blog! A friend of mine needs ideas for names for a baby girl on the way. I've stopped at your blog a couple of times, and this sounds like a job for you! Send some of your name-loving friends, too, if you'd like. It will be the post with the sweet little baby girl at the top who has the beautiful name of...Bethany!

    The Journey


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