Monday, June 30, 2008


I leave for my two-week adventure in the jungles of Belize in just 13 days!! I did begin a blog that's filled with lots of cool information and pictures too. If you'd like the address, just let me know!

4th week of June

During the 4th week of June...
  • I began working 3x a week with a little boy with Down's Syndrome. He is 5, adorable, and just absolutely precious. I'm working with him using Montessori materials and so far, really enjoying it. It's only for an hour each session, but enough to make me enjoy the time I spend with Igo
  • I hung out with one of my local friends. She's in a relationship, close to engaged, and I don't really know the guy well. Let's just say that my first impression of him was less then stellar, seeing as he was drunk and trying to make moves on my (other!!) friend. It's hard to recover from that and pretend that you like the guy for the sake of your friend who is dating him, you know??
  • I spent a few hours with one of my favorite group of sister/friends. My sister Shae and I both enjoy Hollie and Annie's company, so we all hung out together, eating yummy food and chatting about abovementioned friend/boyfriend
  • I drove 10 hours round trip to pick up Bryan and his friend Jay. They'd been spending a few days at Jack's house and needed a ride back here for a conference. I love long car rides especially coupled with I had fun! As a bonus for Lily and Rachael, Jack's younger brother Claire came along to spend a few days with the girls!
  • I headed back to Big City, and a 2.5 hour trip turned into a 6.5 hour adventure...
  • The main highway was flooded, resulting in a 2 hour sitting in traffic twiddling my thumbs before
  • truckers and other motorists informed me that I had a flat tire, so
  • I waited another 1.5 hours for the AAA man to come, after which
  • I escaped from a rest area an illegal way
  • spent more time sitting in traffic
  • and later in the evening
  • spilled (almost) an entire bottle of wine all over the back of my car
I'm still trying to get the nasty smell out! :(

3rd week of June

During the 3rd week of June...
  • I spent time with one of my favorite long-time friends-- Monany brought her new daughter Georgia to visit me and we had a wonderful dinner together. We also went to Big City and I spent a few hours walking Georgie around in the Snugli...aww!! She's precious and it was awesome to spend time with Monany, as it had been too long
  • I got let out of work 1.5 hours early one day, but didn't get paid for it. Gotta love the college!
  • I attended my mom's book club. They are reading "The 5 Love Languages", which is really interesting. My primary love languages are quality time and words of affirmation!
  • I babysat six children ages 13-3 for five hours one evening. Considering I'd never met them before it went fabulously and I'd babysit for them again-- wonderful, kind family!
  • Had a blessedly slow weekend and towards the end of it went out for ice cream with my roommate and Linds. Good times, good times!

2nd week of June...

During the 2nd week of June...
  • I went on my first ever date! I was treated to a delicious dinner @ an expensive, upscale restaurant called J. Alexander's. I spent about 2 hours with R and had an enjoyable time. However we definitely have opposite religious views and I don't really see the relationship going too far.
  • I moved back to my parents' place for the summer. I'm still taking trips to Big City a few times a month because of meetings and such, but I LOVE being back in the country and am trying to savor every day. Sadly, we haven't had nice summery weather AT ALL!!!!! Lots and lots of rainy and colder days, which totally sucks...but what can a gal do?
  • I started working as a custodian (again). It's a job I held from the time I was 16-19 and wasn't really looking forward to going back, but I needed a job. Originally, the job was supposed to be 40 hours a it's down to about 15-20 hrs. I am doing a few other jobs as well, but more about that later. The people I work with are okay this year-- we have a few fun people and a few that are kinda duds, which I know is mean but it's true!
  • I moved lots of my belongings to my boss' house. It had only been 8 days since school ended, but it was awesome to see her.
  • I spent a day on the lake with my family and two other families to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday and Father's Day. It was a hot day, perfect for reading, listening to music, eating BBQ food, spending time with the family, playing tag and ball with the little ones and occasionally dipping into the water. The ultimate summer day, really!


June started out innocent enough, with a birthday brunch for my roommate that first day. However, the month quickly picked up speed and ended with a bang...

In the first week of June...
  • I worked a ton...
  • My co-teacher Aniya's last day was the 5th. One of the hardest days I've ever had to experience. I told her I had a gift for her (the photo book) and she glanced at it, only to burst into tears. I hugged her and she made me leave. I didn't hear from her until the 15th when she told me via email that it's the first painful gift she's ever received but she loves it. I hope she's doing well, but I haven't seen or heard from her since.
  • School officially finished on the 6th and I spent the evening out with some friends. It was good to be surrounded with love (as well as alcohol) because I was having a rough time with school being done!
  • I spent Saturday looking for apartments with Mac but we didn't come to a definite conclusion of one to rent
  • Spent Sunday visiting some old friends...I love Clln & James and cannot wait to meet their new baby daughter!


I haven't updated my blog in FOREVER. Not like anyone really reads it anyway, but I've been missing blogging nevertheless.

So...graduation passed uneventfully for the Kinders at my school. It was a sad day for me, realizing that most of the "graduates" I will probably never see it was my first year of teaching coming to an end, as well as Aniya's last year. I managed not to cry during the actual graduation though and was proud of that fact.

I ordered Aniya's photo book the day of graduation, as well as a copy for myself. It's seriously adorable and I still find myself looking through it a few times a week.

The remainder of May (just a few days once graduation was complete) was pretty eventful. I had my two youngest sisters with me for 3 days at work, which they loved, as did the schoolkids. Even though the school year was complete, I worked until June 6 in an extended school program. Lighter and more fun than the school year, but it gave me extra time to bid the little ones goodbye and clean/organize the classroom.

While Lily and Rachael were visiting, my roommate and I took them to see Horton Hears a Who. Rachael especially loved it and I thought it was a cute kids' movie. We also had a girls' evening and ate delicious ice cream from a local hot spot.

The last Saturday of the month, I worked a rummage sale for Belize- a fundraiser. We did really well and everyone's all paid for!

and before I knew it, May had faded into June...


1. What are your plans for today? I worked from 9-10, 10:30-4:30, ran errands with my dad and had dinner with both Mom & Dad

2. Who was the last person you talked on the phone with? My dad

3. What was the last tv program you watched? The Office

4. What was the last thing you ate? A taco

5. What time did you get out of bed today? 7:45am