Monday, June 30, 2008

2nd week of June...

During the 2nd week of June...
  • I went on my first ever date! I was treated to a delicious dinner @ an expensive, upscale restaurant called J. Alexander's. I spent about 2 hours with R and had an enjoyable time. However we definitely have opposite religious views and I don't really see the relationship going too far.
  • I moved back to my parents' place for the summer. I'm still taking trips to Big City a few times a month because of meetings and such, but I LOVE being back in the country and am trying to savor every day. Sadly, we haven't had nice summery weather AT ALL!!!!! Lots and lots of rainy and colder days, which totally sucks...but what can a gal do?
  • I started working as a custodian (again). It's a job I held from the time I was 16-19 and wasn't really looking forward to going back, but I needed a job. Originally, the job was supposed to be 40 hours a it's down to about 15-20 hrs. I am doing a few other jobs as well, but more about that later. The people I work with are okay this year-- we have a few fun people and a few that are kinda duds, which I know is mean but it's true!
  • I moved lots of my belongings to my boss' house. It had only been 8 days since school ended, but it was awesome to see her.
  • I spent a day on the lake with my family and two other families to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday and Father's Day. It was a hot day, perfect for reading, listening to music, eating BBQ food, spending time with the family, playing tag and ball with the little ones and occasionally dipping into the water. The ultimate summer day, really!

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