Monday, June 30, 2008

3rd week of June

During the 3rd week of June...
  • I spent time with one of my favorite long-time friends-- Monany brought her new daughter Georgia to visit me and we had a wonderful dinner together. We also went to Big City and I spent a few hours walking Georgie around in the Snugli...aww!! She's precious and it was awesome to spend time with Monany, as it had been too long
  • I got let out of work 1.5 hours early one day, but didn't get paid for it. Gotta love the college!
  • I attended my mom's book club. They are reading "The 5 Love Languages", which is really interesting. My primary love languages are quality time and words of affirmation!
  • I babysat six children ages 13-3 for five hours one evening. Considering I'd never met them before it went fabulously and I'd babysit for them again-- wonderful, kind family!
  • Had a blessedly slow weekend and towards the end of it went out for ice cream with my roommate and Linds. Good times, good times!

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