Monday, June 30, 2008

4th week of June

During the 4th week of June...
  • I began working 3x a week with a little boy with Down's Syndrome. He is 5, adorable, and just absolutely precious. I'm working with him using Montessori materials and so far, really enjoying it. It's only for an hour each session, but enough to make me enjoy the time I spend with Igo
  • I hung out with one of my local friends. She's in a relationship, close to engaged, and I don't really know the guy well. Let's just say that my first impression of him was less then stellar, seeing as he was drunk and trying to make moves on my (other!!) friend. It's hard to recover from that and pretend that you like the guy for the sake of your friend who is dating him, you know??
  • I spent a few hours with one of my favorite group of sister/friends. My sister Shae and I both enjoy Hollie and Annie's company, so we all hung out together, eating yummy food and chatting about abovementioned friend/boyfriend
  • I drove 10 hours round trip to pick up Bryan and his friend Jay. They'd been spending a few days at Jack's house and needed a ride back here for a conference. I love long car rides especially coupled with I had fun! As a bonus for Lily and Rachael, Jack's younger brother Claire came along to spend a few days with the girls!
  • I headed back to Big City, and a 2.5 hour trip turned into a 6.5 hour adventure...
  • The main highway was flooded, resulting in a 2 hour sitting in traffic twiddling my thumbs before
  • truckers and other motorists informed me that I had a flat tire, so
  • I waited another 1.5 hours for the AAA man to come, after which
  • I escaped from a rest area an illegal way
  • spent more time sitting in traffic
  • and later in the evening
  • spilled (almost) an entire bottle of wine all over the back of my car
I'm still trying to get the nasty smell out! :(


  1. It's hard when your friends are dating someone you aren't particularly fond of... maybe you'll see him in a different light soon :)

  2. Ouch...I'd have to be frank and upfront w/ that friend. She deserves better than a guy like that!

  3. What an awesome trooper you are for driving those kids back home with you. Thank you!!!

    Leaving shortly to come and pick them up!


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