Monday, June 30, 2008


I haven't updated my blog in FOREVER. Not like anyone really reads it anyway, but I've been missing blogging nevertheless.

So...graduation passed uneventfully for the Kinders at my school. It was a sad day for me, realizing that most of the "graduates" I will probably never see it was my first year of teaching coming to an end, as well as Aniya's last year. I managed not to cry during the actual graduation though and was proud of that fact.

I ordered Aniya's photo book the day of graduation, as well as a copy for myself. It's seriously adorable and I still find myself looking through it a few times a week.

The remainder of May (just a few days once graduation was complete) was pretty eventful. I had my two youngest sisters with me for 3 days at work, which they loved, as did the schoolkids. Even though the school year was complete, I worked until June 6 in an extended school program. Lighter and more fun than the school year, but it gave me extra time to bid the little ones goodbye and clean/organize the classroom.

While Lily and Rachael were visiting, my roommate and I took them to see Horton Hears a Who. Rachael especially loved it and I thought it was a cute kids' movie. We also had a girls' evening and ate delicious ice cream from a local hot spot.

The last Saturday of the month, I worked a rummage sale for Belize- a fundraiser. We did really well and everyone's all paid for!

and before I knew it, May had faded into June...

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