Thursday, September 11, 2008

13 Kidisms

1) During a hectic naptime, when NO ONE was napping, I was attempting to eat my lunch and was sipping a chai tea when Adam broke the stress with, "What's with all your drinking, anyway?" LOL!!!! ...and his parents wonder if he understands English!?!?

2) During the same "nap"time, Mai was making a fuss, as usual, this time about not being allowed to get a book because of her choices. Again, Adam stepped in "So just go get one!!" in a tone that also implied, "if that's what will finally make you shut up!!!"

3) At our school, we have the children call us by our last names (ex. Miss S***, etc.). Good old Daley never ceases to amaze us. The other day she told my new co-teacher, Cara (but Miss M***** to the kids), "I know your name, Miss M*****!! My body just tells me it!"

4) When I asked Jake, a new student, if he washed his hands after using the restroom, he replied, "I sure did!!!"

5) While outside playing, Jake was making monster faces at Adam, so Adam kindly asked him, "Can you please be a duck?"

6) During prayers at snack today, Madelyn ended the prayer with "Ahhhh-MAN!"

and some oldies pulled from the archives...
7) Luce:I haven't done anything bad in my entire life! (She is 5...)
Me: REALLY!?!?! (thinking back to allll the times she's been invited to sit in a chair because she's having trouble listening....)
Luce: Nope! I haven't stolen anything from a store, or been in jail, or stolen someone's car....

(Thinking to myself: well....I guess you've not done anything wrong in THAT way!)

8)Daley: Where are the fish? Me: You know where the fish are, Daley. (They are dead, btw) Daley: Yes. When the fish are sick, you just give them to the doctor and get new ones. 9) Maile: This is my dog's tooth, it fell out of his mouth
Grace: Did the tooth fairy come and give him a bone or money?

10) Jack: (after a 1.5 hour nap)- That was NOT a good nap. No. It was an awful nap. Aww, MAN!

11) Alessandra (age 5): My grandma died a few days ago
Me: I'm so sorry, Alessandra.
Maile (age 3): I have TWO grandmas!
Alessandra: Can I please have some milk?

12) Alessandra, after pulling up the grass, "I'm just giving it a haircut!"

and during my wonderful trip to Belize (I'll post pictures soon, one is at the top of this post!):

13) Aaliyah, a poor child living in inner city Belize City, "Please don't leave me. I love you"


  1. That last one was a heartbreaker. Loved your 13 :)

  2. Those were so funny. I enjoyed reading them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. #6 sounds like something May West would say.

    I went to Belize last year. I'd love to go back.

  4. I just adore that duck comment.

  5. Ha ha! Number 7 is so funny! She hasn't done anything TOO TERRIBLY awful! :P


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