Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Disruptive Napper

You want to hear about my day, you say?

Most of my day was fine...excluding naptime.

Naptime was not fun, for anyone. This year, we have 11 nappers. The first day, one of them fell asleep and the remaining 10 spent naptime practicing gymnastics on their cots, making bubbly noises, and talking to their friends across the room. Utter and complete chaos.

That was almost a week ago. I daresay it's gotten better, naptime as a whole.

However...we have this little girl. Her name is Mai. She is a twin, to 4- year old Madelyn. They have a younger brother, Marek. Mai is definitely the more needy of the twins- we had her for lunch last year and spent a good part of the childrens' lunch hour dealing with her shenanigans.

Truth be told, Mai wants one-on-one attention ALL THE TIME EVERY SINGLE SECOND ME AND ONLY ME and will do all she can to guarantee that she gets it, regardless of the cost to Madelyn, the other students or the teachers.

Yesterday, Mai decided she was hungry at the beginning of naptime. She'd had lunch an hour before, the same opportunity to eat as every other child in the school.

Mai stood on her cot and whined "I'm still hungry!!!!" over and over and...over. We tried talking to her, ignoring her, but her pleas became louder and louder. Eventually it got to the point where she ended up in the front office, eating a bag of pretzels (not my decision). She didn't come back into our room until the end of nap.

Today...guess what?

As soon as it was time for Mai to lie down, a chorus of "I'm still hungry" was heard. Big surprise there, right? I brought her up front so that we could at least try and get the other nappers down.

It was AMAZING how quiet the room was without Mai there. Everyone knew they were to be (relatively) quiet and on their cots. Ahhh...

and then Mai came back and the chaos reigned...

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  1. Kids like that must frustrate you to no end! Do you think she will ever change?


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