Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally the weekend!

I am so thrilled that it is finally the weekend! This past school week was busy!

I subbed Wednesday and Thursday morning, resulting in 10-hour work days with me on my feet most of the time.

We had an "incident" regarding two young children on the playground, and my boss was out of the office, so I got to be the one to talk to the children and their parents. Fun, fun.

We also had a little girl who had an accident sometime in her morning class and didn't tell anyone through lunch or her afternoon class. Around 4 pm, she was in out classroom and we could *smell* her...yea, I'm not going to lie, that was kind of gross!

I was supposed to have a game night with a few friends on Tuesday night, but I had an awful headache and ended up skipping. I very rarely get headaches but when I do, they are brutal.

On Thursday evening, two of my friends and I went went downtown in the Big City and grabbed some *free* Cold Stone Ice Cream! They were having a fundraiser of some sort for the Make a Wish Foundation and it was a warm day, so I think they had a pretty good turnout. We then spent a while chatting and laughing. All of us are sarcastic, so we have fun together ;)

Yesterday after work, I was really missing Aniya, my old co-teacher. I do really enjoy working with Cara, but it doesn't make up for the fact that the kids still mention Aniya or I'll see something at school that reminds me of her. It's not like she's dead or anything (heck, she lives in the same apartment complex as me, a mere 2 minute walk away!) but I do miss working and laughing with her every day. Guess it's just a part of the change, which I HATE.

Anyway, so I decided to call her on my way to the park. A few weeks ago she'd mentioned that her school collects paper for money to support that school, so I've been letting it all build up in my apartment and the container was full -- a good excuse for calling her, right? We ended up talking for a half hour and then I went to her place for a while last night. I brought over the bags of paper, a People magazine for her to read (she always read mine at work when she was supposed to be studying) and Connect Four. Aniya and I had this big thing about Connect Four at the end of last school year. Aniya told me that her DH hates playing with her because she always wins, she's so good at Connect Four, etc. and told me that we needed to challenge each other to a game sometime. One game turned into about 20, with me winning about 17 of them. anyway, I brought Connect Four so that she could take a break from studying and she could have another chance at winning. We only played one game, but I won. Haha. Still, it was wonderful to see her. I need an Aniya fix every few weeks lately, but she seems game to seeing me too so I guess we're good.

I'm also trying to find some babysitting jobs around Big City for some extra money. You know, for things like car repairs, computer repairs, bills, food... I put an ad on Craigslist and contacted a lot of the families I was emailing with when I looked for a nanny job 18 months ago. We'll see...I need something!

Well, guess that's my week/weekend round up. It's quiet sister Amata will arrive tomorrow night, so I'm just sticking around the aparment today. I really should!

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  1. Happy Weekend! :) I am so glad it's the weekend, too.

    As for babysitting, have you ever heard of the site Sittercity? (I think that's it) I don't know if you have to pay for it or not, but I had a free trial once and it was awesome.

    Btw, sarcastic friends are great. lol I come from a long line of sarcasm, myself.


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