Monday, September 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday 9/23

Ten Great Things that Happened this Summer

What a great, busy summer it was!

1. I took a two week mission trip to Belize. We ministered, relaxed, laughed, cried, and became closer to God as a group and as individuals.
2. I lived with my parents and 5 of 6 siblings- so I had time to get to know them better.
3. Five day vaca in Rhode island. Need I say more?
4. In addition, spending those 5 days with my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and 5 cousins-- one my godson, an adorable, curly haired 2 year old!
5. Getting to know a few of my co-workers better through babysitting and email communication.
6. A spontaneous trip to BC (Big City) during which I got to see my great aunt and uncle whom I hadn't seen in 5+ years. I literally gave them 20 minutes notice.
7. At the end of the summer, spending 5 hours talking, laughing, and catching up with my old co-teacher Aniya.
8. Teaching two little ones with Down's who were just precious!
9. A visit from my aunt and 4 cousins, who called the day before arriving. I had to work while they were visiting with my family members, but we still have fun swimming, going out to eat, and playing in the evenings.
10. A visit from my friend Jess, who I hadn't seen in almost 2 years. It was a short but lovely visit!

My summer definitely turned out to be quite different than I was expecting, but I think it's just what I needed. Lots of family time, 4 part time jobs as opposed to the 1 Full time one I was thinking of, and not very many trips back to BC.


  1. I think you really had a great time this summer! My first time to join!

    Hope to see you

  2. Hi Bethany! You had a fab summer! :-) Nice to see you back in my blog!~


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