Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my favorite Belize photos from July '08- I took a two week long mission trip to Belize. We were in Belize City, Belmopan, Ambergris was AMAZING!!

1. Flying In
2. Palm Tree in Belize City

3. Girls on a Bus

4. Tropical life

5. Typical Belizean house

6. Aaliyah, the little girl I spent a lot of time with...I wanted to bring her home with me!

7. One of my friends jumping 40+ feet from a tree limb- talk about exhilarating, but it was fun...and a bit scary!

8. Holding a baby raccoon on the island

9. Fresh coconut, San Pedro

10. Playing with the girls, and with Aaliyah

11. Coming onto the island

12. Mayan ruins

13. Stingray while snorkeling

and a few extras, because I couldn't choose!

Sunrise on the island- 5 am
Cool water shot
Children playing in the ocean

Goodbye, Belize...

Thursday Thirteen


  1. How very beautiful!!! I would love to visit there.

  2. That looks like a wonderful adventure full of love and kindness!

  3. Looks like you made some special memories there. Thanks for sharing. Happy T13!

  4. Great pics...Happy TT:)

  5. I thought the coconut was a hedgehog. You know, after seeing you with the racoon. I love "the girls on a bus."

  6. I love the suntan line from your flips flops. Classic.

    The baby racoon was too adorable. I had no idea racoons lived in tropics. The jumping past trees into water looked like a lot of fun and I loved the artsy shot of the girls on the blue bus. Fun set of photos.

    Heres my TT list:

  7. No fair!

    Incredible stuff.

    The Pink Flamingo

  8. Beautiful pictures! Happy T13. Mine are up at a Daily Dose.
    A Daily Dose of Toni

  9. What great pictures. Especially the ruins.

  10. That was truly beautiful; thanks!

  11. Beautiful pictures. Bet you have a lifetime of memories just from that one trip.

  12. What neat photos and a great trip. Glad you shared them. Happy TT.

  13. Oh my gosh...breathtaking...absolutely make me want to book a flight today...I have a friend from Belize...wonder when was the last time he went home.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a beautiful island. It looks like you had a great time there. Thanks for sharing your digital memories :) Happy TT!


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