Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another fall hike

I've had a pretty good week. It was crazy busy, but I did get a lot of exercise and friend time in!

I subbed two mornings, worked my normal hours throughout the week, had my car in the shop for a day (needs $2500 worth of work...ugh), and met with four prospective babysitting families.

On Friday night, I went to the movies by myself. I don't really mind doing things alone, at least things like grocery shopping and watching movies. Going out to eat is a little harder! Anyway, I went to see Swing Vote- it's at the $1 theater so I figured why not? It was a good movie, as a whole. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say, what the FREAK was the writer thinking with that ending!?! Sheesh... after the movie ended, everyone in the theater looked around in disbelief. Stupid, stupid ending!

Yesterday I ran a few errands, went to church, and had Aniya over for a little while. I've been collecting paper for her from school because her new school recycles and receives money for it. Every few weeks she comes to collect it and we get a chance to catch up on life. In the evening I drove to Shayna, Lyn, and Sonia's house and we walked downtown for some ice cream. The place we ended up was the rival ice cream shop of D's, my all time favorite here in the Big City...but I was willing to try it. It was good, but not nearly as good as D's!

This morning I slept in and read a bit before cleaning the apartment, doing the dishes, and all that fun stuff. Aniya picked me up and we headed off to the park where I've been spending some of my recent weekends. We walked and hiked for a good hour or so- the time goes by a LOT faster when there is someone to talk to! The more I hear her talk about her new school, the more I get the feeling she doesn't love it, and definitely not in the same way she LOVED our school. It's sad, but she also loves her classes and there's no way for her to have both right now. Anyway, we ended up stopping for ice cream at D's, and I had a huge cone of my favorite flavor- chai tea...DELICIOUS!

Just a few pics from today's walk...the trees have REALLY been changing fast around here. I might go back to the park tomorrow after work, or maybe even before if I'm really motivated!

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  1. Ha! Now I want to see that movie. I can only guess what the ending is. Hmm. Does Costner end up being president? Ha!

    I love your photo from the walk! Beautiful!


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