Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A crazy Monday

Somehow, it's already Wednesday-- and October!!! Wow!

My week is flying by with rapidness...but I have to tell you about my Monday!

Short version of my day:
an explosion of diarrhea and vomit simultaneously happen to two kids at school

Longer version:
It was after nap, and we'd already had kind of a crazy Monday, with two of our kids peeing on the carpet- one deliberate. The nappers were putting their pillows and blankets away and I was dealing with one of them who was being, well Adrien (aka running around the classroom, not doing his work). We noticed the room smelled really bad, over by our rug used for circle time-- it smelled like poo.

All the sudden, one of our little girls starts to vomit; I lead her to the trash can as she continues to vomit and we discover where the poo smell is coming from. One of our little boys had diarrhea ALL over him, the floor, his blanket, pillow...

It was quite the afternoon! Thank goodness for 2 of my co-workers who stepped in to help clean and care for the rest of my kiddles/feed them snack, read them stories while my co-teacher, boss and I cleaned the children and the floor up. I sat in the bathroom, after cleaning up poor puke girlie & changing her clothes, with poo boy, holding his scared, sad little self while my boss tried to clean him up. I felt so bad for the both of them...but man, their timing is impeccable. The rest of the afternoon I spent cleaning cots, work, chairs, tables, spraying EVERYTHING with sanitizer. You can bet I'll be taking my Airborne the next few days. I didn't see my kids from 2:45 until about 4:30 because of all that was going on. I am SO thankful that my boss and co-workers were able to step in and help- they have no idea how much they helped when needed.

So how is your week? LOL.

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