Thursday, October 23, 2008

Firsts of the week

This week has been so crazy, with lots of "firsts"

- first incident report write up for me @ school. Surprising, since this is my 2nd year teaching, but it was one of my luncher/napper/afternoon boys who is 4. Poor Danny hit his head on the climber, but didn't even tell a teacher! His head (right near his eyebrow) was bleeding, and he made not a peep. Probably 10-20 minutes later, I began inviting the nappers inside to use the bathroom before napping, and noticed the bleeding head! He sat up in the office with me (head covered with a paper towel, which had blood on it, but was not bleeding through, for a while, the secretary, my boss, and about 3 other teachers looking in on him to give their opinion on the cut. The parents were called, his dad came, and I wasn't sure what the outcome was until he came back to school today. He got two stictches!

- first 50 hour workweek (plus 7 hour medical class coming up Saturday) in a loooong time

-first time fixing a virus on my secretary's computer

- first time being asked to my secretary's house to fix her home computer

-first time being hired to design a webpage for my school

- first time buying a washer and dryer
-first time causing a flood in my kitchen and laundry room because of the above ;)

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