Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Little Things

Have you ever noticed the difference the way a small deed done by someone else affects your day? Someone comments on your blog, waves hello at the park or grocery store, and somehow it makes your day a little brighter?

I had two such incidences yesterday. Truly, if I stopped to count the little instances when someone took a moment to say hello to me yesterday, there would be more than two, so I guess I should say two that struck me more than the others.

I was at work, sitting with all of my non-nappers in the "nap room" when Cara (my co-teacher) ran to the office to print off a few papers for school-- and when she returned to our room, explained that now, somehow, there was a virus on our secretary's computer. WHOOPS! I still don't think she downloaded anything, at least not by accident. It's a virus, not nearly as brutal as the one I had, that was not allowing them to do anything. I left my group of kids at 5, my boss took over closing the building, and I spent two hours working on the computer. I'm going back this morning and feel halfway confident that I can remove the stupid thing. Some of it is gone, but not everything- BUT we can use the internet/Word documents just fine, so that's a huge plus!

As I was finally leaving work, an hour late, my boss could not keep from expressing her thanks and proclaiming, "I have NEVER seen anyone move around on the computer like you do!" I just felt so good, so needed at that moment, and not by one of the kids, so it was a welcome change. We'll see what happens this morning when I try to complete the fix, but my boss really touched me by her praises. Sometimes I think I should have been a computer fixer. ;)

The other incident coming later, as I have to run to work! Just remember, be a blessing by those you are around daily...you never know how much you are affecting them (hopefully in a positive light...).

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  1. It always makes me feel better when someone goes out of their way to thank me, or ask me a question, or just see how I'm doing :)


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