Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday blahs

I hate Sundays.

I really do. I don't really know why. Today is my only day off allllll week, so I should be enjoying it. And, I guess I am. My old co-teacher Aniya and I went on another fall hike to catch up on each other's lives, which was fun. I took an hour-long nap, but now my day's all outta wack.

Do you get the Sunday blahs?


  1. I get the Sunday blahs almost every week. I get depressed about going back to work. I started trying to have a different mindset on Sunday evenings. I tell myself to think of it like it is any regular weeknight, and not the end of a day off from work. It kind of helps ;)

  2. ALWAYS.
    Growing up, my dad compared it to the start of a new school year, but each week, and that made sense to me.

    I think on Sundays you should have an extra nice dinner for yourself or something. Something a little more to look forward to. ;)

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