Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thirteen Things I am good at...

**Pictures provided by my students- ages 4 & 5**
I've been feeling a bit down, so I tried to think of 13 things I feel good about...

1. Computers (most of the time!)- I just removed a virus & more from my secretary's computer. Most of the time, when my computer has an issue, I can figure it out. I was even a computer information science major for a while in college!

2. Kids I am a teacher and love it. I love infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school age kids...I love being around them- that's when I feel my best.

3. Driving on long car trips I LOVE to take long car rides (14 hours or so is my longest so far). I don't even mind if I'm by myself, as long as I have music!

4. Math Yes, I'm weird, but I enjoy it! At least, until geometry hit...

5.  Babysitting strangers Friday evening, I babysat for two cuties (ages 4 & 1) that I'd never met before. It was actually fun! I've also done some babysitting for weddings and such. I don't mind, kids are so welcoming ;)

6. Writing Not necessarily on here, but on my Belize blog, and while traveling Europe I recieved a lot of wonderful comments, many people suggesting that I write children's, not so much.

7.  Keeping in touch I always say that once you're my friend, it's hard to get rid of me. I love quality time with my friends, old and new, and will do almost anything to keep in touch. It is in this way that I've been able to visit extended family in California twice, family I wouldn't have seen otherwise. 

8.  Photography I love lots of the photos I snap, and other people seem to as well. My grandfather was a photographer, but I *hated* when he tried to take a straight half hour of photos of our family. I would cherish it now...

9. Paying the bills on time I've never had a late bill..yet, anyway!

10.  Bartering I just bought a major appliance (more on that later!) off of Craigslist, and was able to get the seller down $50 in his price. Yay!

11. Making fast friends I know a lot of people find it hard to make friends, but I really don't. 

12. First impressions I can tell within a few minutes how I will get along with someone. Rarely have I been mistaken.

13. Reading I love to read and am a fast reader. If I had the time, I'd read all day long! :)


  1. I can read fast too,but I'm not good in |Math .

  2. Heya Bethany! I haven't seen you in a while - I'm sure it's me. I hope every little thing is going well in your life!

    And what a gift to have so many skills - what's amazing is that you use them so well!

  3. I'm good at two of those, so my hat is off to you over the other 11.

  4. you have a lot of wonderful qualities.

  5. I enjoyed Math too, until Calculus!
    Great list, wonderful reminder of things to be glad about :)

  6. Great List. I share several of those. I used to be the Childcare person at our church for out of town family that came in for funerals or families not plugged into a small group. I loved it.

  7. I love road trips! I have satellite radio, which makes trips really enjoyable. Family road trips are fun, but sometimes I wish I could take one by myself for a couple days.

    I'm an avid reader, also.


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