Wednesday, October 08, 2008

TT: Ways People Find my Blog

I love stuff like this!!

1. travel prayers
2. Amish boppli (I am fascinated by the Amish and used to call Rachael "Boppli")
3. Bethany hooks (that scares me!)
4. Working with a co-teacher (I love co-teaching!)
5. Leamanah Castle, Ireland (is beautiful...)

6. Monany (the nickname for my friend Monica, and I am Bethica)
7. Tie dyed sky jennie (no idea...)
8. Games for kids about boldness (hey, whatever works!)
9. Amber morning Georgia/ Amber morning and Bel Air (huh?)
10. Monday maniac (glad I could help!)
11. Friends bold addicts (clueless here)
12. How to be bold personality (if you figure it out, let me know!)
13. Rachael Texas out to my parents (Rachael has never been to Texas and my parents don't live there, so where'd this one come from?)

and a few more
~Weston for a boy (I think it's a cool name!)
~Milkfuls candy and cool photo (I LOVE Milkfuls, but cannot find them ANYWHERE around here!)
~Kinder games I spy, Simon Says
~Matt Nathanson (ROCKS!)
~Bold Halloween costumes (haha, don't ask me how to accomplish that!)]
~Autumn favorites (aww...crisp leaves, apple picking, pumpkins...)
~Bethany Ann cookie Michigan
~Happy Feet massage
~Girls in Belize city (this one scares me a bit...what were they looking for?)

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