Sunday, November 02, 2008

Starting the week off

Today was my "one day" to relax this week. The past week has been filled with:

- a 7 hour "communicable disease" class, which was mostly a waste of time...but it gave me the chance to hang out with my co-teacher Cara and co-worker Hope outside of school. Let's just say it was hysterical, because none of us were paying attention. Texts were exchanged, including one I will savor forever that simply says "oral and fecal". Truthfully!

- after the super-boring class, I babysat a tiny, tiny baby boy for the evening... Caleb is so precious!

- I was called into work spontaneously twice this week- once I literally just pulled on clothes and ran to work, arriving just as the children were, so perfect timing!

- I worked a little on the website, but it's slow going for now. My boss is a little resistant to "change", especially as it pertains to computer-related things.

- I fixed my secretary's home computer, met her husband and son, went out to dinner with her, and got a tour of her "craft room" that woman is talented!

- I waited in line for two hours to "early vote"...sheesh! I just knew, though, that Tuesday's going to be crazy @ work, so figured I might as well go do it while I could. Sadly, I brought nothing to read, left my phone in the car, and didn't even think to bring my ipod. I spent two hours pretending I was at the airport people!

- I finally got my car back. It's been in the shop for two weeks, amounting in $2100 worth of work. Gah!!!!

- I babysat Madden & Gaveston for the 2nd time- adorable children, and easy to care for :)

- I babysat for Caleb again and enjoyed handing out Halloween candy. My favorite kid was a 10 or so year old who, when I asked him what the heck he was dressed as, replied "Welllll, I haven't really figured that out yet, but I just keep telling people that I'm a purple and yellow elephant." Ookkkay!

- Aniya was in a bad car accident, so I spent part of the week worrying that she was, in fact, okay. I saw her today and she seems no worse for the wear, just more alert of drivers! Scary, though!

- I went out for ice cream with my friend Lyn, since I had a coupon for a free cone @ my favorite ice cream shop around! It expired yesterday, and I couldn't let it go to waste, could I?

- My co-worker Hope stayed overnight last night...there's a crazy running around Big City and our co-workers (& Hope's mother) have us a bit freaked out. Hope and I talked for a while, which was nice...I'm really enjoying getting to know her more. I didn't really get a chance to do that last year, but we've connected more this year. Thankfully, we both share a *huge* sarcastic way of speaking, so that helps ;)

- While picking up my car, my sister Amata and I had lunch together. We were 2 hours from my parents' town, and yet ran into one of my mom's friends. So strange, but funny!

Soo, since it was a CRAZY week, I was really planning to enjoy today, maybe take a hike or something. Instead, I woke up with no voice, a scratchy throat, and some weird cough. Lovelito! Thankfully, Aniya hooked me up with some Vit C pills, so I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow and feel better!

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