Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thirteen Names I've Been Loving Lately

Names I'm Loving

1. Ruby
2. Elias
3. Joel
4. Claudia
5. Carly
6. Macy/Maci
7. Alec
8. Kirstin
9. Jenna
10. Kian
11. Molly
12. Juliet
13. Theo


  1. Nice names. I have always liked the name Hope.

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  2. Nice names. I like Jenna. Happy T13!

  3. You have some nice names on your list--unique but not unspellable.

    My TT is in honor of Veterans Day.

  4. Isnt Theo short for Theodore? Nice list. Happy TT:)

  5. Of your list, my faves are Macy, Kian, and Molly. Great choices!

    One I've liked lately is Stella. Not sure why, and I don't think it's one I'd actually name my own child, but I like it.

  6. Those are lovely names, I like them all!

    Happy TT!

  7. Kian's such an awesome name

  8. Claudia is definitely one of my favorites....

  9. I like all of them, but do love Alec. Had I had a boy he would have been named Alec :)

    Happy TT and thank you for stopping by!

  10. Very fun to see a list of names. I have such a hard time naming people in my fiction. Lists are helpful!

  11. Beautiful names (but maybe not Macy.....I work

  12. Well considering it is my name, I am pretty partial to Molly! Come visit our TT if you have the time...

  13. All are great names. The only thing I would say about naming a child (and this is because I'm a retired teacher) is please spell the name traditionally. But whatever YOU decide is best.

  14. Interesting list. I really like Kian! Happy TT!

  15. Bethany, I'm a name freak...I've always been fascinated with names! In fact, I love your name.

    These are some great ones. I'm not sure what I'm name my babies if I were having them today instead of back in the 80's. I ended up naming them pretty classic names...Jonathan, Justin and Elizabeth.

    Hope you'll stop by my TT when you can!

  16. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we have decided to venture to CT to visit my family for Turkey Day rather than staying in MA this year. Either way we get to enjoy the same New England fall scenery.


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