Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why Credit Cards Are Bad...aka No Self Control Lately...

For some reason, November has been an extremely challenging money month for me. I have taken in extra money with my babysitting jobs, which is wonderful. I've also been diligent about using coupons and applying for free items (gum, lotion, etc.)...also a plus. Gas prices have gone down, and I didn't see my family often, so I saved on gas. I didn't buy food unless I was definitely going to eat, and to help that out I had the flu and didn't eat for 5 days...haha. I gave a gift of money to support my old nanny family's Down Syndrome walk and also for my sister's mission trip in January. Great, right?

Except that my phone's battery was failing, fast. If I didn't charge it nightly, even if I didn't use it during the day, it was dead. Not good when you're trying to arrange babysitting jobs and extra subbing work. Sooo, I bought a new phone. Truthfully, not a big deal because it was only $30 and should be a wonderful phone as well as an organizer.

Then I went to my parents' place for Thanksgiving, and my sister had her new computer. Now, my laptop is three years old, so not really a spring chicken. And I LOVE electronics, especially new ones! The batteries are basically dead on mine (work for 15 minutes MAYBE), has been running slowly, random green screens, some buttons missing, usb drives decide not to work most of the time... and I began to browse laptops on Dell. Being that it was Thanksgiving, they had some fantastic deals and I got $500 off a laptop. Umm, yep, I bought a new computer. Again, a worthy investment and one I'll have for a few years, and yes it will be fun... plus, my "old" laptop will likely go to my mom who could really use it for homeschooling the kids and hopping online quickly during the day. It'll work well for her basic needs, right?

And then comes my third big purchase in like 10 ipod. Truth be told, this purchase is the one that I gave the least thought about. I really had been thinking about getting a new phone and computer recently, but not an ipod, since I have a 2 year old one that works fine, even though I run out of space on it. My 13 year old sister was wishing that she had something that played music, so I offered to my mom that I would buy a "new" (used to me!) one with more disk space if she wanted to give Lily mine- because M & D don't have much money, Mom appreciated that idea. In addition, I can get my brother Bryan an mp3 player as well with the gift card I recieve from Dell from buying the computer.

Anyway...if I complain about money at all in the next few months, just refer me back to this post...I hope I can enjoy my new purchases without feeling a lot of guilt. Gah!

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  1. You deserve it :) especially since you can hand your old items down. That's the best!


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