Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ah, December...

Where have you gone?

I began the month of December a calm, excited soul eager for the Christmas holiday. The children were calm at school, I was set to begin making Christmas candles to hand out to co-workers, had a few Christmas ideas planned for my family, and life was looking rosy!

Then I sliced my finger, 15 minutes into making the candles the very first day I started. I was more mad at myself than anything else, but the cuts should have sent me to the ER for a stitch or two. Instead, I listened to my nature-minded, former Boy Scout father, who said "Ah, you'll be okay." And the finger is still attached to my hand, so I guess I'm alright. It has an odd feeling to it, and I ended up needing to use liquid bandages on the top cut because it just wasn't closing, but at least the finger works, right? As a result, however, my apartment's bathroom turned into a medical center, filled with band-aids of all shapes and sizes, gauze, medical tape, liquid bandages, hydrogen peroxide, butterfly bandages, steri strips, antibiotic cream, kitchen gloves so that I could still shower...

It made the weekend and following weekend interesting, since my finger was wrapped in gauze and drew questions from everyone, everywhere. I have one photo of myself from that week, and only because the kiddos at school were borrowing my camera daily at lunch. I was teased (by other teachers) that I looked constantly ready to shake hands... funny, but true!

In addition, I finished up my babysitting jobs for 2008 last Saturday. I babysat two one-year old boys and a 4-year old girl in a hotel room from 5p-2a. There's really not much to do with kids in a hotel room, in case you were wondering. At one point, I was holding cranky, screaming baby A on one hip, talking to his mother on the phone, trying to keep happy baby B from sticking his fingers in the light socket (hotels don't have electrical socket covers!!!), attempting to sign my name on the food bill, and listening to the 4 year old yelling, "Is that our pizza? I'm hungry! Who's on the phone?" and this was all at once, so it was a bit crazy! However, since the family knew it was going to be a late night, they got me my own hotel room and it was HUGE!

That same weekend, I got back to my candle making and the kitchen was soon taken over by the craft. I made over 50 candles of various sizes and scents (apple blossom, gingerbread, cinnamon roll, vanilla, boysenberry)
and also tried my hand at a new, simple craft my secretary showed me-- using an embossing tool to melt tissue paper onto a candle. I created five of those with snowman tissue paper and I think they turned out pretty cute!

The last week or so of school went soooooo slowly. The kids were extremely wild all the point where most of the teachers were beginning to re-think circle time, at least until 2009. LOL.

In addition, I had to substitute for one of the teachers on Wednesday morning. That was a wild day, but I already wrote about that!

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  1. Oh my! I hope your hand has healed nicely by now. Ouch!


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