Wednesday, December 03, 2008

TT: 12/4

Thirteen Things I'm Looking Forward To In December...

1. DECEMBER 19!!!! Is the last day of school before Christmas break--- and we don't have to go back until 2009!

2. This Saturday, my roommate will be in Indiana, and I'm sincerely hoping her "live-in" boy decides to evacuate the premises so I can relax and enjoy my weekend without the stress of having them here.

3. Sometime this month, Cara is going to come over and we're going to bake Christmas cookies and swap artsy Christmas ideas

4. December 20th, my family will have their 8th annual Christmas party-- and pending any horrible weather, I should be able to attend and catch up with family and friends I rarely see!

5. In a few weekends, my old co-teacher Aniya and I are going to have dinner together and catch up, which should be fun!

6. I have about 5 more babysitting jobs coming up before the it will be busy but extra $$ for Christmas...

7. School- even though sometimes it's nuts (ahem, yesterday!) we really do enjoy ourselves and the kiddos. Plus, we'll be doing lots of holiday activities with them- we've already started a few crafts.

8. December 5th is the day my new computer is supposed to arrive...pretty exciting!

9. December 25th is well, Christmas, which will be spent with my crazy, loud, large family

10. Our extended family will be in town December 28 & 29, always good to see the cousins

11. Crossing my fingers that my boss and I will be able to finish my school's website before Christmas break...

12. I am also looking forward to reading lots and lots on Christmas break...I love books :)

13. Seriously, just this month in general. I am working on not worrying about the weather since I can't control it anyway, and just enjoy the month- the kids at school are so HAPPY and excited, and it's rubbing off on me!

What are you looking forward to this month??

Thursday Thirteen


  1. wow! sounds pretty exciting, you've got a busy month then. :)

  2. Best part of having a room-mate is getting rid of them!

    Sounds like you have your act together.

    The Pink Flamingo

  3. Sounds like a full and exciting month ahead of you!

  4. I am soooooooooo not ready for Christmas yet...YIKES!!Im running out of time. Happy TT:)

  5. December is a great month, for most people I think. You certainly have lots to look forward to this month! Have fun!

    Happy TT.

  6. Sounds like a great month ahead! I'm looking forward to my daughter coming home from University for the break :)

    My TT entry is here

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier, and hope you have a great rest of the week :)

  7. I sure hope that live in boy takes off. You're lucky to have a crazy, large, loud family. Enjoy! Mine is crazy, and loud, but small.

  8. Sounds like a busy, fun, hectic, joy-filled month.

  9. Sounds like a fun, exciting month! I hope you enjoy all your activities.

  10. For #1, replace "school" with "work" for me.


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