Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Soo I was going to write this whole long post about how yesterday was *such* a trying day at work...seriously one of my hardest days ever there...and how I had to take nappers out of our *nap room* (what a least yesterday) every 5 minutes...and how even AFTER nap, the room was crazy. And I needed lots of chocolate. And I'm not even a chocolate person...

But...I'm running late for work. I have to be out the door in exactly 26 minutes and I am still in bed. Lunch is not made, library books due today are hiding, keys are in an unknown location- so, I will leave you with this:

I am Charlie Brown's...what are you?

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  1. LOl, I just have to say that I love how you do a blog post FIRST, even though running late. You're a true blogger! lol

    OK, just did the quiz. I may gag...
    A Very Brady Christmas. Ha!!


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