Saturday, December 06, 2008

Well, that was fun. I got up early this morning, prepared to make tons and tons of candles as Christmas gifts. I took most of the ones I made last night out of their molds and am happy with them. As I began shaving and cutting old wax small enough to melt in other containers, all was well. I grabbed a dark green evergreen candle and a knife and went to work. Somehow, and I don't really know how, I sliced my left thumb in two places. I immediately grabbed my alumnae tie-dyed t-shirt that I was wearing and hoisted the finger, wrapped tightly, above in the air. It didn't hurt at first, but began to throb, and was still bleeding. I thought I should probably go to to ER, since after 5-10 min it was still bleeding heavily and blood was soaking through everything, so I called Cara, but she didn't answer her phone. I knew I couldn't (or at least, shouldn't) drive myself to the hospital, so was trying to think of who else to call. I settled on my parents, not to drive me as they are three hours away, but for some "should I go/not go" dad's a former EMT/boy scout and my mom a former nurse. My dad asked me a few questions and I ended up taking a picture, blurry because I was shaking but good enough that he could see where the injury was. I eventually temporarily closed the cut with bandaids and grabbed a clean washcloth, then ran to the closest store where I stocked up on gauze, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and antibiotic cream. Now the finger is all wrapped up so that it can't bend and bleed again. My day's plans are shot, so I'm trying to think of something else to do. I think I might go with Christmas cards...

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  1. You poor thing! Ah! I hope it heals soon :(


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