Sunday, January 25, 2009

Florida sunshine

Hopefully, two months from now I'll be basking in the warm Florida sun, lying by the ocean waves with a good books and some fun tunes.

Ahh, I can't wait! It's been a crazy, hectic week (aren't they all lately). One of my co-workers slammed her thumb in a car door, the same one I injured last month, and ended up getting holes drilled in her finger to relieve the pressure. We started telling everyone at work they better be careful of their left thumbs!!! Since we were already down a staff person, Friday turned into a wacky, upside-down day. I ended up covering for her, and didn't get lunch till 3. My old fault, really!

We had another issue with Trisha, the little girl whose mom is kinda nutty. Trisha hit another little girl after playing a card game and getting frustrated. She's 4, it's still not okay, but it does happen. Unfortunately her mom happened to come to the door immediately after the incident and chaos insued. I'm not sure what's happening at home, but Trisha was so sorrowful and upset about it and her mom seems to have no mercy with her right now. It's a sad situation to watch.

I've had a nice weekend, but I'm in a Sunday funk right now. I spent Friday evening with Lexi and her fun group of middle schoolers from church. I completely forgot what an awkward age that is for kids! I carted the boys in my car! They are just so funny! We went to go see "Mall Cop" which was pretty funny, a bit slow especially at the beginning though. Still, it's a cute movie mostly appropriate for kids. We were in the 2nd row though, and my neck hurt so badly afterwards!

Last night was awesome! I ended up at my old roommate's new apartment, where she lives with two friends, gals I know pretty well. Shayna wasn't there, but Linds, Sunny and I had a blast playing LOTS of Wii (soo much fun, I'm best at bowling and that's about it!). We ended up at a shopping center up north, that I'd actually been to earlier in the day, where I got to hear a lady completely crush an electronic sign announcing how many spots are open in the parking garage. I drove by her about 2 minutes after the fact and she totally demolished the sign. There were wires everywhere, and her car was pretty smashed in the front too.

Anyway, after our adventure north, we returned downtown and made a Paul Newman cake...ohhh my gosh, SO good. We have them at work every couple of months (staff birthdays) but I might have to request one for my birthday @ my parents' house too.

And that's been my weekend...whatcha been up to?


  1. I was curious about Mall Cap - the ads looked so funny but was worried that they were all the funny parts and the rest would be lame. That Paul Newman cake sounds awesome - love those Heath bars. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a fun weekend! I just love to get together with friends and be goofy. Unforunately, I had to try to spend this weekend getting over a cold (i.e. doing chores! ha).


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