Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If there is something that drives me nuts, it is people who don't call/text back when they said they would!!

I don't understand why people can't seem to have the common courtesy to return a phone call about getting together. If you can't get together, fine, but let me know so I can go about my day or weekend accordingly.

I had two such incidents this weekend, both with co-workers or former co-workers. With Holly, I talked to her around noon on Saturday and we agreed that she would call back later that day after she heard from her cousin about their plans, but that we'd spend the day or evening painting her basement. I never heard back from her...no idea why!

Yesterday I texted Aniya to let her know I have lots of papers for her from kids at school, and I also had candle scents for her to choose from since I haven't made her Christmas candles yet. She texted back once and said that she was in and out and would call me later once she got home and was staying put for a while. Never heard back.

ARRRGGHHH! Is it only me that this bothers? Am I being unreasonable?

Do you always try to call people back when you said you would?

In other news, I've had my mini-trampoline for a few weeks now and am working on a routine of sorts with it. For now, my goal is 10 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening. Yesterday I was on the thing about 5 times but today it's back to work and babysitting 11-11ish so hopefully I'll fit two times in my day! I'm having fun with it, and hopefully it is truly exercising...

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  1. It bothers me too, more with the phone calls than emails. I take a lot of time and thought to reply to long emails, so I understand that. But if you SAY you are going to call (or email) someone, you should do it. I sometimes think people do that to get out of stuff, which is so impolite. And rude! Just be honest!

    I saw some mini-trampolines at the sporting good store this weekend and was wondering what kind of exercises people do on them! That's cool that you're using one!


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