Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a fantastic first day of 2009!

I spent New Year's Eve with my family. We watched some family movie that my Dad and I picked up from Redbox. It was a movie definitely not worth watching again and truthfully I don't remember the name of it! We watched the ball drop and about two or three minutes following the beginning of 2009, our electricity went out, for seemingly no good reason! Rachael was clinging to me, crying, as Bryan tried to convince her that aliens were out to get the world, that Y2K was indeed happening- just 9 years too late, and so on. It came back on in the middle of the night some time, but I tried to make it a fun adventure for Rachael in the meantime, although she wasn't too thrilled!

Today I spent a while figuring out the bills from before Thanksgiving. I went way over on all my budgets in December (I knew ahead of time that was going to happen), mostly because of Christmas presents, eating dinner out with friends, and slicing my finger. I resolve to get back on track in January as best I can. I already have 2-3 babysitting jobs lined up for the month, hopefully I'll have a few more in the coming weeks.


I don't know what this year brings. I'm sure there will be surprises, both good and bad. Perhaps a date or two, although I refuse to center my weeks/months/year on that.

In 2009 I will try:

1. To attend at least one more speed dating, just for the fun of it.

2. To go to the park a few times a week to walk before work- more in the spring and summer.

3. To cook more, even if it just for me. Leftovers can be used for lunches, but enough of the frozen crap.

4. To attend more of Grace Heart's events. I've been slacking.

5. To explore Big City's chai tea offerings with Lexi.

6. To travel to see my old town friends at least 3 times in 2009. I had a wonderful time with them last week!

7. To travel to a state I've not been to yet.

8. To use my spring break to have FUN-- Florida, maybe?

9. To pay off at least 25% of my debt- and not incur any more.

10. No credit card use!

11. More veggies and fruits...

12. To thoroughly enjoy every day, be it a 10 hour work day followed by babysitting or a lazy Saturday spent reading a novel.

I also started a new blog-- this one for baby name games. Lots of my friends on a baby name board enjoy these types of games and I can never seem to get enough so I thought I'd just put them online and then I can complete them over and over. Most people just think I'm weird, but making lists and lists of baby names has been a part of me since about age 8. When asked in elementary school to write a story, my "story" would list a family- mother, father, and 10-20 children. Most of the times, the kids had 2-3 middle names...I'm going to have an awful time actually naming my children when the time comes! :)

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  1. Wow! You should totally stop by our blog - we have a post there about uncommon names which goes right along with your baby names thing and another post about movies you wouldn't watch with your parents which thankfully you avoided the embarrassment of over the holidays :0) Happy New Year and good luck with your debt reduction - been there - challenging but oh what a feeling of freedom and accomplishment.


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