Friday, January 02, 2009

I love lazy days.

I hate feeling guilty for being lazy on days like today, though.

Catching up on Psych episodes, movies I haven't watched in forever, reading a few books, listening to my favorite songs, enjoying holiday cookies and egg nog...that is my today.

I refuse to feel guilty for it, for a week from now I will have completed five days of work and have a full weekend of babysitting ahead of me. I am thankful that I was sane enough in mid-December to ban myself from babysitting over this break. Even still, I got two phone calls, a text, and at least three emails asking if I could babysit. I guess I don't need to worry about a lack of babysitting jobs in '09!


  1. Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS. :) I dare ask "where do you live" because I've got THREE great boys who would love for their mom and dad to have a date. LOL But alas, I'm sure we are separated by too many miles. I hope your 2009 is off to a great start!

  2. Why is it we always feel guilty for relaxing?

  3. @ Tooj: I'll babysit your kids! But yea, chances are we live far apart. I'll check it out :)

    @ Yaya: I don't know, but it's not cool! LOL


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