Friday, January 16, 2009

Icy Cold Blast

Getting colder and colder here...

it feels like -32!!

Even I get a snow sister asked what I plan to do with it.

I told her I don't know...I have many choices!

I can brave the cold and go to the library or go boot shopping...

I can stay inside here and veg, watching movies and reading books...

I can be productive and clean the apartment like a crazy woman...

Decisions, decisions. Ah, I don't mind. I have three days off now, so how about a day for each choice? Haha...

How's the weather near you? Stay warm!!


  1. it is below freezing here too...negative 13 with windchills around -30 to -40!

  2. Well, I must say that venturing out in 15 degree weather this week has not been as bad as I feared since the wind decided to give us a break - but if I did not have to go to work I would elect to stay home under the covers with a book, or a movie and my hubby!

  3. Is that an actual picture you took?! Wow!
    You know, I saw someone's status on Facebook who is still at FUS, and they complained that EVERYONE had a day off but them. Seems so typical. lol

    My first choice would be to veg out and watch movies all day. A nice little calm before staying busy and doing errands on Saturday and Sunday, then relaxing a little more on Monday.

    What did you end up doing today?

  4. I have a cold, so I would say stay in and watch movies. C'mon Spring!

  5. @ Rachael: Has it warmed up at all near you? We are at 3* now..hey, at least it's above 0!

    @ Bumbles: I hear ya! Thank goodness it hasn't been too windy!

    @ Sharon: No, I didn't take the picture. :( I wish, but my camera is broken. I am dying over here without one!!!!

    @ Nana: I'm with you. Spring has my approval to come early this year!

  6. It's finally getting warmer again here! Thank goodness! Thanks for stopping by my blog a while back :)


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